Hi! I am Ryan (Sung-Hun) Lim -Professional Modeler/Concept Artist

As a Highly skilled Modeler specializing in Digital Sculpting/Concept artist with 15 years of experience, as I have worked in Lead modeler for several years with MPC and Scanline VFX, and I know I would make a valuable addition to your team.
After working for multiple shows in Lead modeler, I have a advanced knowledge in Management team, Training Artist, submitting deliverables on time, and ensuring a seamless experience for all involved.
Moreover, while my previous position at Sony Imagework afforded me well-rounded skillset, including Feature animation show (Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse, Small Foot and Angry Bird), I excel at:

Outlining project scopes, managing timelines, and deadlines
Specialized Digital Sculpting (Character/Creature) and Visual Concept art
Specialized Environment asset and Simulation Cloth Generation process (marvelous designer)
Understanding Feature animation process
Understanding Photogrammetry Scanning process and 3D printing
Understanding Game development process and Unreal Engine
Managing daily and implementation of the new programs

Thank you for your consideration.

Ryan Lim